Zero Waste Events

Events are a crucial part of building social ties and connecting communities. With this, events can also be used as a vehicle for educating attendees about waste reduction and it is often important to individuals and organisations that they are seen to be doing their best to reduce the impact of an event. We have compiled this list of resources to help groups plan events using tools and skills that are likely at hand. There are numerous companies and projects around the country that may be able to help in this area too. Please get in touch if you know of anything that could be added to this list or have feedback on events you have run. Check with your local council what event permits are required if you are hosting events in council owned spaces (park, beach, square or road).

Toolkits for Planning Events

Compostable Packaging

When using compostable food and beverage packaging, ensure all material goes through the appropriate composting process. If it doesn’t, it will be sent to landfill. Compostable material in landfills is particularly bad for the environment.

Options for composting and recycling plastic in New Zealand (infographic from PCE)

Area Help for Events

Tauranga-based Waste Watchers Ltd has been helping companies and councils save waste, save money and save the planet since 1999. Director and project manager Marty Hoffart has a particular interest in community-based social marketing and zero waste principles and he is highly experienced – and highly regarded - in resource efficiency initiatives.

Tauranga's Why Waste offer zero waste event services and consultations.

Timaru District Council encourage event organisers to plan for low or zero waste, by arranging collection/sorting facilities for compostables and recyclables, discouraging disposable packaging and other techniques. Download their guide for event organisers . Staff contact is Briony Woodnorth.

Auckland Council provides loan equipment for groups running events.

Christchurch based Our Daily Waste run zero waste event services as well as washing services for reusables through their Our Daily Wash project.