Food waste

Love Food - Hate Waste

LFHW is an information campaign for households and catering businesses, to make better use of the food we buy so that less is wasted. Shopping and menu ideas to help busy people and save money. Large amounts of food are wasted along the chain from grower to retailer to home. Sign up at Love Food Hate Waste website, or use Facebook. Lots of recipe ideas that save money by reducing food waste.

Living Simply, to avoid food waste, is one of the skills encouraged by the Food topic in Future Living Skills NZ (on-line course materials, free in many locations) and the similar Living Smart in Australia

Projects aiming to divert usable 'surplus' foods for social benefit instead of wasting them have sprung up in in several cities. They connect people in need of food, with that surplus.  Examples include Kaivolution in Hamilton,   Kaibosh in Wellington, Good Neighbour in the Bay of Plenty, Kiwiharvest and Fairfood in Auckland, 0800 Hungry in Christchurch and Foodshare in Dunedin.  

Countdown stores have also partnered with the Salvation Army food banks to increase food donations.