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Getting to the Bottom of the Nappy Problem

Have you considered the environmental impact of disposable nappies? A baby may use up to 6,000 nappies This results in about 1.9% of domestic waste being made up of disposable nappies, which will take a very long time to degrade in a landfill and give off climate-warming methane gas as they decay.

“Disposable Nappies: Are They Stinking Up Our Planet?”, an article in Australian Science, gives numbers on disposable nappy use, lists key environmental issues and discusses alternatives such as cloth nappies, biodegradable disposable nappies, hybrid nappies, and alternatives for sanitary waste processing.

The pros and cons of the reusable vs disposable debate are summed up in an easy-to-read 2011 article by Sarah Langi.

If you do decide to go with reusable nappies, there are a swath of brands to choose from. The main thing to keep in mind is that if you try one brand and don't like them, try another! Every baby is a different size and shape so different fits work differently for each baby.

The Nappy Lady

'The Nappy Lady', Kate Meads, travels around New Zealand working with councils and other groups to promote and educate people  on  the use of modern cloth nappies.

Selection of Modern Cloth Nappy Brands

Baby BeeHinds


Chubby Cheeks - Rarpz

Nappy Days

Real Nappies

Baby on the Move

Nappy Heaven

The Cloth Nappy Company

Brolly Sheets

Cherub Tree

The Baby Factory

Bitti Bums

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Waste Free Parenting Hacks

Make meals from scratch - although it seems harder than buying conveniently packaged meals, making large meals and freezing portions will allow you to buy bulk ingredients, eat healthier and save money! For freezing we recommend reusing old containers, purchasing glass storage containers and using Kai Carriers for liquids.

Always be prepared - take a kit of stuff with you when you head out in case you get caught out. Ideas include snacks so you don't have to buy anything convenient, sporks and reusable straws, damp cloths for sticky fingers, wet bag for any dirty nappies or soaked clothing.


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