Biodegradable Products

Compostable/degradable food packaging

Biodegradable packaging is made from polymers derived from renewable raw materials instead of oil, such as cellulose, soy protein or milk and especially starch (from vegetable sources such as potato, corn or rice, to make plastarch). Plastarch material is biodegradable after use, and the pulp can be formed into useful shapes by injection moulding or thermoforming followed by drying.

They can decompose in suitable composting conditions of warmth, wet and oxygen into simple chemicals, including carbon dioxide gas (or to methane if oxygen is restricted, as in landfill or an enclosed anaerobic digester).  

If material otherwise useful as food is being turned into plastics there is direct competition for growing space and the oil input to those farming practices in fuel and petrochemical sprays should be considered before concluding that bioplastics are 'sustainable'.

Waterproof and heat tolerant PLA plastic packaging made from polylactic acid is transparent and resembles oil-derived PET (polyethylene terephthalate). It is claimed to be compostable, but only with success in anaerobic digesters which are not usually used for packaging materials.  PLA packaging (using resin recycling ID code 7) is accidentally mixed with PET (using code1), because of similar appearance, which then makes the PET lower value for recycling and unviable . Read more on the resulting debate.

Starch is used to make paper-plate or bowl substitutes that can be coloured with food dyes, will compost once soiled by food; and starch is also used to make lightweight packaging padding as a polystyrene substitute.


Bioware from Café Express

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Info on waste collection companies in Auckland and Wellington who handle compostables including pre-approved biopolymer/bioplastic and starch based products.

Packaging House

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Potato Pak

Potato starch-based products for packaging and event catering:

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Additions can be made to this supplier list: contact Rhys Taylor 03 6938726.