Household Hazardous Waste

Recycling hazardous waste

 CAUTION LOGOYour home may contain many hazardous materials, some of which can be recycled. If not recyclable, materials can be disposed of safely.  These are listed below and more information is given on some items under the hazardous information.

COUNCIL LOGO  Many councils provide services to safely dispose of these items. Check your local council for details. 


ItemsUseExamples                                                                                      Recyclable
Fluorescent lightslighting long tubes or CFLs √
LPG cylinderscooking or heatingBBQ, gas heater



Waste oillubricantfrom vehicles 

charging vehicles

charging electronic items

charging appliances 



laptop batteries, hearing aid batteries

 rechargeable batteries eg laptop


dry cell batteries eg AA, AAA





garden use

household use

garage use 

herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers

janola, bleaches, cleaners

solvents, glues, paints,  




from vehicles