Secondary School Resources

The One Planet team have been supported by Canterbury Waste Management Joint Committee and others to publish a learning guide for use in secondary schools on waste reduction and recycling, titled One Planet - Zero Waste.

This has been commissioned from educator Jocelyn Papprill in Christchurch and is available to download free in PDF format, as a teacher guide and a student guide for school years 12-13. It is accompanied by assessment activities for relevant Achievement Standards.

Using these materials:

This in-depth inquiry learning programme could be teacher facilitated OR be used as self-directed study by senior students. There is an opportunity to prepare for a number of  Achievement Standards within the Education for Sustainability suite of standards. Teachers in the Social Sciences, Sciences, Arts-Design-Technology curriculum areas may well find other opportunities for assessment using this theme of One Planet-Zero Waste.


NCEA Level 2-3 (Years 12-13)


The preparation and resource development have been done for you. It includes student and teacher booklets to view on screen or print, three assessment activities  and access to detailed supporting material available free online at the One Planet website and elsewhere. Local Council materials are available across New Zealand, with some councils offering outreach and visits.

Supporting material:

Here are the new secondary education teacher and student guides:   ADD LINK