Buying Recycled

Sending paper, card, plastics and other material to recycling is a new beginning, not the end of the story,even though it may feel as casual as throwing waste 'away' to landfill!  The recycling process may up-cycle materials, to make them more valuable or gradually down-cycle them - such as turning high grade paper to low grade paper or card, which may last for five or more 'cycles' before its only good for compost.

Turning waste bleached-white paper fibres into photocopier and printer-suitable recycled paper is done in several Australian mills, from where we can buy 20%, 50% and 100% recycled A4 and A3 sheets. Look for paper that meets  the Environment Choice standard. Suppliers include Staples NZ paper and Reflex from Australian Paper in Victoria, imported by Spicers, endorsed by Planet Ark

Toilet tissue is also available in 100% recycled form. Achieve a great water saving and chemical use impact and reduce the number of trees being felled to just flush down your loo! Planet Arks' video explains why.

See also links on our reduce waste at home page for re-use shops around NZ.