Paint Reuse

Painting or wasting?

More than 6 litres of paint are sold for each and every person in New Zealand every year.  That's a lot of paint, particularly when much of it may be left sitting in tins and plastic pails, in sheds and garages. Eventually, this old and left-over paint has to be got rid of, but it's not neccessarily 'waste'.  

Return your paint

To minimise waste to landfill, use take back programmes offered by Resene and Dulux.  Good quality paint from these makers, in original cans, may be donated by the companies to community groups. 

Designated Resene ColorShops will take back paint and paint packaging as part of the Resene PaintWise programme.  For non-Resene paint, it may still be accepted but charges apply.

Dulux trade shops have a Paint Take-Back Service for trade painters.

Enviropaints take-back paints and use them to recreate a range of new paints.

Free paint for community groups 

Close the loop...from pail to pail

Enviropaints use recycled paint to recreate a range of new paints.