Waste Exchange

Waste not!  Want not!

Can you give your unwanted materials away to be put to new use, rather than consign them to landfill?

Can you source what you need from waste materials without having to purchase?

The dozens of 'temporary gardens' built by charity Greening the Rubble on demolition sites across Christchurch, post-eqarthquakes, were made from recycled materials such as pallets, building materials and scrap metals. This is part of an international movement that makes funky community places out of derelict or vacant lots, or even parking spaces.

Before you chuck something, imagine it having a new user, and offer it for free on Freecycle NZ or at low or no cost on Trade Me or its competitors.

If you need more ideas on avoiding landfill and on recycled goods to buy, see the inspiring Rubbish Free Guide.