Definition: E-scrap (or E-waste) can be described as anything with a plug or battery. Increasing amounts of e-scrap is ending up in landfills as technology changes and equipment quickly becomes redundant.

Recycling Benefits:

  • Conserving and recovering valuable resources
  • Conserving energy by re-using ready made materials, instead of mining for more
  • Conserving the general environment by preventing habitat destruction, pollution of air, soil and water caused by mining.
  • Reduces health and environmental hazards by recovering resources instead of dumping them
  • Assists economic growth by job creation – more people are required to dismantle products than those required to dump them.

Environmental effects:

  • E-scrap contains significant hazardous materials such as mercury, beryllium, lead, barium, arsenic, antimony and cadmium.
  • Valuable rare earth minerals, gold, silver, bauxite, copper and tin are also used in manufacturing.
  •  E–scrap in landfills can cause significant pollution of groundwater, air and soil.

CAUTION  Check your coucnil guidelines for escrap drop-off locations and prices. Costs and types acceptable vary widely from region to region.

Types of E-scrap whic may be accepted include

  • TVs
  • Laptop computers
  • Desktop computers
  • Ipods
  • Hard drives like DVD players
  • Monitors and screens
  • Cordless telephones
  • Recharging plugs
  • Cellphones
  • Batteries (Nicad, NiMH, hearing aid batteries)
  • Electrical appliances, with plug attached, including toasters, jugs, air conditioning units, pie warmers, water heating appliances, dehumidifiers etc

CAUTION LOGO E-scrap cannot be accepted in kerbside recycling programmes due to the damage sustained in the trucks, and if put in the rubbish collection, it will go straight to landfill.

 There are several other ways to get rid of unwanted equipment:

  • If it is less than four years old, and in good order, re-use shops based at landfills may accept products.
  • Interwaste will accept your computer and hardware by providing a post-paid box for $45.00 –
  • To revamp computers for community use, contact Molten Media, Christchurch 03 377 1154,
  •  Ezy PC, Christchurch 03 322 9358
  • Dell Computers 0800 440 603

For more Information, view the Ministry for the Environment page.